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Feb 24, 2011 10:00pm PST
. >> that's charlie sheen in the radio about to say something that will keep him out of work for a little while longer. his rant against his bosses and his boweses' response. accusing muni of numerous sy violations, and being chronically sive to investigator >>> tonight state regulators are accusing muni of violations and are being chronically unresponsive to the findings. they plan to start the process of considering potential penalties against muni. puc staffers are concerned about the condition of the light rail system including noted deterioration at church and dubois street, or dubois street and problems with the automated train control system. he says he is disappointed by the cpc's move but he says the transit agency has fixed some problems and has plans to fix the remainder by next month. >>> most men know what you wear down there could affect your ability to father a child. but, there is more to male infertility than that of course. dr. king mull visit hill on the overall declining sperm count among american men and what's causing it. >> dave and terry have been trying to get pre
Feb 9, 2011 10:00pm PST
of public office >> he's the reason no one is working and he wants to make it up to them. charlie sheen's pitch to help everyone out while he has been in rehab. >>> a craigsli ngs >>> these bay area teens are sworn enemies. the simple idea that's bringing rival gang members together in peace. coming up in minutes. >>> look at this, get on out and enjoy the weather because rain is heading this way. the day you should expect as eyewitness news continues on the cw. all because of this photo. christopher lee reportedly sent a craig's list scandal brings back a republican congressman from new york, all because of that photo. he sent picture of himself without a shirt on' to a woman seeking a relationship on craig's list. lee is married and today he abruptly resigned. he says he regrets the harm that his actions has caused his family, his staff and his constituents. >>> we're going to ask next time, that's what they are telling neighbors after a poisoned squirrel from a city park. the animals were littering the park with trash from the nearby landfill. afterwards, several people complained th
Feb 21, 2011 10:00pm PST
picks. >>> charlie sheen sent a private jet and invited brian wilson to go to l.a. and meet with him on friday. sheen is reportedly working on a third movie. >>> all -- god -- we're getting a lot of attention. we're japan's team. >> how have you learned to handle the scrutiny. it's been like this for almost # 0 years. it's important to make sure -- 20 years. >>> when he got there to the clubhouse, dallas braden had put a life-sized godzilla at his locker. >> we will deserved. >> it's about time. >> it will be interesting to see what kind of year he has. i hope it's a good one. >> 25 homers, that's all. >> that does it for us. see you at 11:00. ,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3